AXON PensAnalytics

AXON PensAnalytics

Is Your Orchestra in Harmony?

As your partner, we analyse independently your current pension and company insurance solution.

Are you sure that your pension solution and company insurance structure harmonizes as a whole? We analyse your current insurance portfolio and provide you with a catalogue of measures for an optimal restructuring.

Even today, many companies only have a suboptimal pension solution and insurance coverage. A professional analysis usually reveals the potential for:

  • Optimal protection of your life and company risks as disability, death or property and casualty
  • Usage of the legally permissible tax optimization tools
  • Efficient accumulation of your retirement capital (pension savings are free of any taxation)
  • Cost reductions that enable accelerated accumulation of your retirement assets

You can make use of our advisory know-how in the analysis and implementation of individualized investment solutions. Within the pension plan, the company or the insured persons can choose between several investment strategies with different risk-return profiles.